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         Jiangmen Wanhui Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture that produces and sells optical disc plastic boxes, crisper boxes, trash cans and other plastic products. In recent years, we have actively expanded new plastic hardware products such as fresh-keeping boxes, trash cans, water bottles, and so on. 
    In order to have a common plan for a stainless steel trash can, or to integrate stainless steel trash can into a common environment, it is often only ..
    Environmentally-friendly trash cans have special requirements for the environment. Under external environmental conditions, they can adapt to extreme ..
    First prepare a small hammer and a set of gloves, then disassemble the packaged trash can, find the installation part of the expansion screw and the b..
    A container for storing garbage, made of stainless steel. Stainless steel trash cans are highly durable because they are resistant to weak corrosive m..
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