Production technology of PP plastic preservation box

2020-12-29 744

In our daily life, the packaging of PP box has attracted the attention of customers. Because of the beautiful pictures on its surface, we can see more things in the day. Do you know what PP means in PP plastic box? Let's talk about PP plastic fresh-keeping box from Jiangmen fresh-keeping box manufacturer.

Polypropylene (PP) is widely distributed in China, with large production capacity in northwest, northeast, north, East and South China. PP is one of the five general synthetic resins, which is generally translucent, colorless and odorless. The melting point can be as high as 167 ℃ due to the regular structure and high crystallization. Heat resistance, corrosion resistance, products available steam is its outstanding advantages. The density is small, it is a very light general plastic.


The disadvantages are poor low temperature impact resistance and easy aging, which can be overcome by modification. PP polypropylene comes from crude oil and belongs to the downstream industry of petrochemical industry. The basic process is: petroleum naphtha propylene polypropylene (raw material of PP packaging box). In recent years, the domestic coal to olefin industry can also produce polypropylene, and its basic process flow is: coal coal gasification gas (mixed gas of carbon monoxide and hydrogen) - methanol propylene polypropylene.

Article source: Jiangmen fresh box manufacturer

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